Sunday, January 9, 2011

Real women wear great stuff curves rule eat some candy girls wear some bling

Although the show, The Biggest Looser is one of my favorite shows , I do think people should be healthy , not skinny.
Ophra Winfrey may have a few too many curves but her friend Dr Oz still adores her.
The fashion icon of today's world such as Calvin Klein photograph starved models in their ads, with gray color schemes which is a stark contrast to reality.
The key to looking good and feeling good is simple.
1 Be healthy
2 Think positive
3 Be active
Do something
Go to the mall and walk.
Make some friends. Be sure the people you befriend are positive thinkers. Surround yourself with positive energy and you feel good naturally.
So, you like candy ? Give in to your craving , eat the candy bar then forget about it. No guilt , just be happy and move on.
Look good wearing clothes that flatter you.
1 not too tight
2 solid colors
3 platform shoes ( no kidding , platforms really help )
4 body shapers ( very comfortable and no panty lines )
5 bling jewelry ( that's right , enjoy the bling )
Looking good today is easy
Forget about those starved models on the runway. This is the real world.
Be healthy by watching what you eat , stay active and wear clothes and accessories that make you look good.
Do this and I am positive you will get positive results , guaranteed
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Does this sound like an ad, maybe , but , one thing is for sure, stop in my store and enjoy yourself , and you will feel good.
Positive thoughts , from me to you

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