Saturday, June 16, 2012

The New Oxford Antique Show

 I found this wonderful antique vase !!!!!!!

My niece, Chalotte and I went treasure hunting today.
The new Oxford Antique Show in New Oxford Pa is always held on the 3rd Saturday of June.
It is the only antique show I go to these days, so, when I go, I aim to find fabulous treasures.
And I did.
The show was huge and loaded with anything one could wish for.
The sun was bright and sunny, perfect to enjoy a good day of walking.
My only complaint was my hat...due to getting my hair cut, my hat was too big and kept sliding down over my eyes, but, I will confess, it did keep me cool.
The antique dealer shown in the photo with me had wonderful Victorian era antiques. Besides shows, he also has a shop, so, my niece and I are sure to visit his shop by the end of the summer.
I added that beautiful pre 1900 vase to my collection...notice the size, and it was heavy too...this type vase is seldom seen with the top.
Thank goodness I brought a huge leather tote with me to put it in as I walked all the way back to the car.
My niece did not want her photo taken, so, she took the photos.
I salute you New Oxford Pa, you never disappoint me.
Congratulations to a very successful show.

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