Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Victorian Tea To Remember

I can remember, not too many years ago, when tea houses where very popular in this area.
We still had the antique mall at that time, and since we worked it ourselves, we had a hands on experience with both customers and sellers.
Tea pots, tea cups, linens and lace were so popular.
Magazines filled with how to articles, of how to have a Victorian Tea at home.
Although I am only nine years older than my niece, I have always had a motherly type love for her.
I had not seen her for a few years, and out of the blue, she called and said, hey, let's have tea.
Well, that's a fabulous idea, I here at 1 on Friday.
So, I opened my cupboards to choose the linens and such to entertain my niece for our tea.
We also exchange a little gift when we have our teas, and much to my delight, when she arrived, she had not forgotten, because yes indeed, she had a little gift for me, as I had one for her.
Nothing expensive, instead a little token , a little memento to cherish the time of our tea.
A Victorian Tea is not just sitting at the table having tea, instead, it's a cherished event.
The attention given to the table setting, the selection of the tea, and what little treat such as scones is also special indeed.
We sat all afternoon, long after the tea was cold. It was wonderful, so special, and many stories were told,
If you love someone, and yet, seldom see them, have them over for a Victorian tea.
Have the table set pretty with ribbons and lace...have a little gift for them to take home to cherish as a remembrance of the event.
My husband took the photos you see, but, was not interested in partaking some tea, LOL.
He could not understand what the fuss was about, after all, my niece and I was only having tea.
But, after she left, he looked at my smiling face, and I knew he finally understood, the special thing about, a Victoriana Tea.

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