Monday, January 2, 2012

Slap the camera person that takes photos of animal cruelty SHAMEFUL

This post has nothing to do about vintage or collecting, instead, it's a question, or, something to help others realize a thought .
I love animals.
All animals.
However, I do not believe in horror graphics on TV, or on any site.
I unfollowed a wonderful person on Google + for graphics to show his point.
I have also unfollowed on of my favorite people on another site, whose intention were good, but also showed the horrific real photos of animals cruelty.
Now, here's my point.
The person behind the camera. How can the person who took the photos of such horror, proclaim to love animals?
A few years ago, a neighbor down the block watched as her sons threw rocks at a dear Squirrel in a tree. I was shocked, she is a den leader for scouts, and her sons are scouts.
Did I just stand there and take a picture to report it ?
No, I screamed so loud to stop it, that they did...and yes indeed, I went all the way down the block to tell them they should be ashamed of themselves.
Now, this lady is a big mean lady, that could have nailed me with a punch. And, I still confronted her because I was not going to see such cruelty happen in my neighborhood.
Next time you see a horrific photo, and my God, I hope you never see the photos I have just seen, remember, someone stood there and allowed that horror to happen.
They walked get paid.
A real animals lover, could never walk away from the horror I just saw in real photo here on the net.
My challenge to all animal rights organizations is this.
You see animal cruelty as it happens, stop it..don't just show it and walk away and publish photos to get our money to support you.
I am writing this post in anger, shock and more than anything else, in defense of the animals the photographer did not try to save...instead, snapped a photo, and walked away.
Shame, shame on anyone that does that.

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  1. Animal cruelty is horrific and unacceptable, thanks for posting this Linda, I sent it to everyone in my addy book. Let's keep fighting the good fight! Mary Ann