Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fantasy Fairy Style Board by Linda Caricofe

In the blink of a eye, love can disappear. No matter how deep the love is felt, one can drift away. So if was for the little red imp, she was so happy so gay. She loved with all her heart, and then he went away. She sat down in the Fairy woods, hugged her knees and bowed her head. As the tears flowed, red roses fell, after all, she was a little red imp fairy you know. Little imps like this one, is not quite a Fairy, instead, she has dear pointed ears and no beautiful flowing hair or wings like the Fairies. But this little red imp knew love so strong, so deep, so real. And so she cried as the roses fell, till she felt a stillness in the air. She lifted her head, and upon her elbow a Cardinal landed. He was a beautiful red bird, red as the roses that fell. But it was his song that cast the spell. The little red imp was still and dazed...the tears stopped flowing as the bird sang. And when all was quiet, a smile appeared..a tiny smile that replaced the tears. After all, she is a little red imp, and love will come again, true love, love so real, so deep, yes, love will come againLess «
The Cardinal...
The Cardinal... by treasure_seeker

Friday, September 9, 2011

9 / 11 Tribute I Stand Tall

9 / 11 Not...
9 / 11  by treasure_seeker
I will not be one of those to listen to the live recordings of that day 10 years ago. I believe in walking forward, and know in my heart that those that have died would want us to do so. I will always remember that day, the moment this event took place. But my heart will remember with love for I know they will be forever alive. As the now famous words, " Let's roll " echos in my mind, I wince with the pain, but, I am an American and therefore I stand strong, proud and determined the enemy has not gained, has not beat me down, has not struck fear in my heart. No, those that are gone are our silent brave ones that we hold in our hearts and enable us to stand united stronger than ever with pride. Lest a tear flow , it is a tear to know that day, 9 / 11 showed us to be aware, and have the stance to show all enemies, beware. Don't dare tread my land, don't dare Less «

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Steam Punk Fashion a Funeral and Motorcycles

Last Friday, I went to a funeral.
The poor guy was only 47, and not a relative . Instead he was the husband of a relative..oh, it's a long story.
Anyway, my Brother and I were going to go in support of this fellow because although we did not know him well, we figured it's important to be there for family. Well, my brother could not make it after all, but I went.
To give you an idea as to this situation, I asked my brother what the fellow's last name was so I could be sure I was at the right funeral.
These people are very country, so, I did not want to appear as Miss Hollywood, so, I wore a black lace top, black slacks, heels and my jewelry was a rhinestones necklace with a huge sterling cross.
As soon as I pulled up to the funeral home, I realized the fellow must have loved motorcycles because there was a fleet of them, and people in a sea of black, chains and tattoos.
Parked my car, went in, and only knew one person, which is the mother of the widow...the person I really came to see and give a huge hug to..which I did
So, what's this got to do with steam punk ?
As I sat watching the scene around me, I realized that bikers wore steam punk. My eyes opened in amazed surprise and delight.
The best friend of this fellow ( I finally remembered the deceased, thanks to his picture on the inside of his memorial folder ) wore a fab jacket that reminded me of the Nehru jackets of the Beatles era...he had a wonderful maroon beret on , tilt to the side , and this man was a wowow winner..and the main biker of the fleet...chains swinging from his side, instead of mean looking, he had style.
So did the rest of them.
I am still browsing the net enjoying all the steam punk info I can can create steam punk fashion from the things listed in their shops by just regrouping, and re photographing.
I will confess, at this age, motorcycles sound loud and look menacing, but when I was in that age group, they were totally cool.
Steam Punk is dramatic, creative, and a little mean streak to it too, that adds to the presence of the wearer.
Keeping up with change, another key to success when selling on line, or anywhere.
So, my day last Friday started with a funeral of a wonderful giving man, and ended as another view of who today's consumer is....and who wears steam punk fashion, which is a fast growing number of fabulous fashion conscious people...count me as a fan of steam punk.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What I Wore to the Antique Auction Fashion meets Vintage

Labor Day is an important holiday for people who enjoy going to auctions.
I decided to get out of the house this Labor Day and enjoy visiting friends at an antique auction.
What does someone such as myself who loves fashion and bling wear to an auction ?
Comfortable clothes.
The Sketcher shoes shown are old and worn down , I just love them...brought from Zappos eons ago.
The brown top is from Chicos, brought at a local consignment shop, it has cap sleeves, a style I wear instead of tank tops.
The jeans are the usual, my brand for my jeans and slacks is Boston Proper Paris Fit.
The tote and the shoulder strap purse, wow, I have owned them and used them for years, both brought at a local consignment shop a long time ago.
The purse is circa 1970's.
Notice, no diamonds or rhinestones, or even a bracelet, and yet, my jewelry really shows well, is comfortable.
I do not wear diamonds or rhinestones to auctions because of possible damage to the jewelry.
All of the jewelry is vintage..3 necklaces grouped together..heavy but smooth as silk and a joy to wear.
So, even when going to an auction, one can have fashion chic looks without breaking the bank.
The vintage blend, the only thing new item I wore that day was Boston Proper Paris Fit jeans

Antiques on Ruby Lane Luxury to Behold

Antiques Luxury...
Antiques Luxury... by treasure_seeker