Saturday, May 28, 2011

The King of the Ning Social Site or The Granddaddy of them all

Got an email this morning about Amanda Adams next auction that is featured as a video on iantiqueonline video section.
Then, before clicking to watch the video, I noticed the stats report for this ning site at the bottom of the email.
Well, I was so impressed, that I had to share.
I copied the stats listed below from my have to admit, that good ole I Antique on Line has really become huge.
That takes hard work, and dedication.
 I felt this ning deserved this note, and this cheer
Cheers to you I Antique On Line...glad to be a member of your fact, after seeing those numbers, let me rephase that, I  am proud to be a member.
Thanks for being the fabulous site you are.
For those of you that belong to this site, let's send a congrats to them, they deserve it.
And to those of you that do not belong yet, what are you waiting for, don't be left out :-)
About I Antique Online

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Friday, May 27, 2011

New ning site

Hey, want to see what I have found lately as far as ning sites ?
Check this one out, Jackie is a fabulous lady.
This site is for everyone, not a vintage or antiques type's a site for everyone to get together , show what they have to sell, or, go shopping there too.
Here's the link, check it's free
Best wishes,

Some videos are favorites

this video is one of my favorites...and, it was very easy to make

Videos on YouTube The Easy Way

I enjoy creating videos.
The videos that actually show me talking do take a lot of time to create.
Many of them never posted because they just were not my best.
Then, somehow, I discovered a neat tool , OneTrueMedia.
If you have family photos of your vacation and so forth, this tool is easy to use , free, and so much fun.
I use it to showcase items I sell in my shops.
I have a youtube channel..subscribe to it and enjoy my latest videos as soon as I post, I do not post new videos every day, but, when I do post one, you will enjoy it.
You will also notice on my video channel that I have formed RC Antiques Productions to list all of the videos under...not a big deal, just neat to finally have a name for them to be placed under.
Here's my latest OneTrueMedia video..rocking music that goes with the photos
If you take photos, you can create a video like this too.

Take photos at an auction you attended, then create a neat video of it using your photos.

Do you sell on line...if so, this is a fabulous way to showcase your items.

Please remember, my tips are tips.

I am not paid to recommend anything.

Instead, I figure if something I have shared with you has helped you enjoy new sites, new things etc, then, you will enjoy life as much as I do.

It's a treasure hunt...find new things, do new things...and most of all, enjoy it all.

Remember, today is the best day of all days, and tomorrow will be even better

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My affair with the Like Button

Years ago while out antiquing for treasures, I happened up a huge cup.
It was an antique transferware mush cup. The image was a man's face smiling insanely, with the words around the rim of the cup, " I like it, I like a lot "
I can remember thinking to myself, yep, that's me, I like it, in fact I do like a lot.
As an daily Internet surfer, I still like a lot.
Only in this technological age, I can let the world know when I like something, with just a click of the button.
And, that button is always there, like a beacon, as though to say, " come on, you know you like me "..and click, there's my answer , " yes I do ! "
The other day I decided to manually post a video link on my Face Book page, instead of the usual click,  " add to face book  " button.
I stared at my face book page a long time, and it became apparent to me, that it had a new appearance, due to my , " I like " addiction to the like button without thought as to what or who will see it.
I was amazed that I saw so many things in one day.
Then, at the same time, I realized my Face Book page became a networking page , the same as my Twitter page.
Well, at first I was so shocked to see I had been out of touch while surfing and liking all the things wonderful things I see.
And then, I thought to myself, that's me.
Plain and simple.
I search the net as though looking for the knowledge of how things are and were and will be to come, and when I see something worth noting, I like it.
It's a huge world sitting there in front of me on my desk. All of it contained in a thing that looks like a TV screen.
I suppose I am at a cross roads now.
I think to myself, my my, what should I do now.
I have made so many friends on the net that are on my Face Book page and ning sites, social sites and so forth that perhaps I have become like a commercial.
And then, I think to myself, I will stop this right now, no more clicking that like button,
but, no, it's too late.
Because, I honestly do like a lot and loving every minute of it.
The Internet world is a huge Universe, full of knowledge, beautiful things and adventures too.
Full of friendships of people whose hands you will never touch and yet fills your heart with that emotion called friendship .
And so, no wonder I like it, in fact, I more than like it.
 Let's add a " I love it " button :-)
Cause, I love it, I love it alot