Monday, November 7, 2011

Collecting is Fun

Collecting is fun.

I think it is very important to collect what you like, not as an investment.

Today's world is so fast paced, that , one never knows what will be worth the dollars spent.

I can remember the days of The Cabbage Patch babies. People paid alot of money for those , and the those babies were hot for several years.

Whenever I have a house call to look at something someone is selling, it is always sad to see items collected because they were, at the time of collecting, a " hot " in demand item.

Don't let yourself be disappointed.

Enjoy your collections for what they are. And, when you are downsizing, or, have decided to collect something else, be glad you will get some dollars back for whatever you collected.

I collect many things. If I could get the money the books say they are worth, I would be sipping a tall cool drink in Hawaii right now instead of writing this blog.

I am writing this blog, because I have been downsizing my collections the past couple years.

Each item I have collected has brought me pleasure, and memories of the find.

If you approach collecting as a treasure hunt, you will enjoy the adventure of the find, no matter what it cost, and what you end up getting for it.

It's the hunt that makes collecting so much fun.

So, be a treasure hunter, and enjoy those finds, that's what collecting is really all about.

From me to you, treasure hunter, RC Linda

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