Sunday, October 2, 2011

Wish upon a Star and U will marry one Gene Simmons KISS marries

Wish Upon A...
Wish Upon A... by treasure_seeker
Gene Simmons of the rock band, KISS, has finally married his long time love, Shannon Tweed.
I created the style board, not only to commemorate the occasion, but to salute this man, that actually became the image on stage.
To become so famous for an image such as what the band KISS portrayed, is one thing, but to become that larger than life persona in real life is another.
Time does not stop for anyone, and eventually, the Star has to face that reality.
What we see on that stage, is so far from what the individual really is.
It's a business, a huge business. Unfortunately, many stars as famous as Gene Simmons loose themselves in the glow of adoration.
It had to be an awful reality to face.
Even I, would often think to myself, how unreal and truly awesome it would be to face an enormous arena of fans and blow fire while the music hammered into everyone's brains.
2 thumbs up to Gene Simmons for the courage to face a change in his life.
2 thumbs up to realizing his family at long last does come first.
Gene Simmons, you really do rock, and you always will

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