Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The best is yet to come Big News at Linda Caricofe blog

It's difficult to keep up with all of the changes on the net.
But, it's important to stay informed, because if you do not, you will loose out on an exciting experience.
I have really worked hard on keeping up with the new trends and new apps on the net, while creating videos and blogs.
Add keeping my shops on Ruby Lane and Ruby Plaza up to date, so you are looking at a lady that became over whelmed by it all.
So, I took a real break this past summer.
It did affect my public profile, however, it improved my personal daily life.
It helped clear my brain so I can function much better as a blogger, shop owner, and video producer.
I have several future projects on the chalk board that I am very excited about.
One is another blog site, besides this one that deals with the fun things on the net, a blog that's more visual with videos and style boards, while this blog returns to it's regular format of my past as an antique dealer..the stories I know you will enjoy.
Pickers is a fabulous hit show, therefore, I know, those of you that have stayed with my blog since it's beginning, miss my stories of my, believe me, within a few months, those stories will once again be the focus on this blog page, while the visuals of videos and style boards will be on my other blog site :-)
So, stay tuned.
The best is yet to come,
best wishes,

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  1. You always have exciting news, Linda..Now bottle that enthusiasm and pass it around to the rest of us...