Monday, October 10, 2011

Antiques House Call and the Pink Breast Cancer Awareness story

When in the antique business for as many years as my husband and I have been, word spreads if you are a good buyer.
We always paid well for anything we would buy from people in their home.
If we were not interested in the items, we would give advice as to how to sell the item etc.
Through the years, we have had repeat house calls.
This blog is about a very important one.
She was a lovely very healthy young lady.
Her Mother collected antiques. When her Mother became ill with Lung Cancer,  this wonderful young lady took care of her Mother till the end.
Her Father could not bear living in the family home, so, he called us to come to the house, buy what we wanted and advise as to what to do with the rest.
I remember that day clear as though it were only yesterday.
The daughter wanted to be sure her Mother's collection got the best attention possible.
We brought some things, and then gave advice on the rest.
A few years later, the daughter called us for another house call.
By this time, she had brought another home ( by the way, she was happily married to a wonderful man ).
She and her husband brought the home because it had a small apartment attached to it, which was where her Father moved to at the insistence of the daughter and her hubby.
Her Father had passed away, and again, there we were to give her advice and so forth.
By this time she had an adorable baby.
The next call was the following year. They were moving to the country.
She had boxes upon boxes of Mother's items stashed in the attic of this home.
She was attached to the items , because, after all, her Mother loved antiquing.
But, it was time to let go, especially since most of the items were not the type items one uses anymore or collects.
By this time, we felt as though this gal as ours. Her heart so devoted, so loyal.
Then, about 3 years ago, she called again.
We went to her country home. The baby had grown to be a sweet little girl, in elementary school, and a baby in the crib was one they hoped to adopt.
As we stood there in the foyer, looking at the things she was going to sell, we noticed she was parting with things that were not antique, as though making room for another project.
We joked with her about it, and then, it was though time stood still.
She looked at us, and said, " Well, last week, the doctor said I have Breast Cancer. So, I want to clear some things out, to make it easier to keep the house nice."
So young, my husband and I both kept our composure and assured her that these days with the modern technology, and since she is so healthy, we assured her she will be fine.
We hugged her before we left.
Walking to our car, 2 beautiful dogs in a huge fenced yard barked happily at us, We told her, she had wonderful body guards..laughing at our comment, she said she loved dogs and moving to the country is great because they were able to adopt these 2 huge dogs and give them a huge area to run and have fun.
Time passes fast. Life keeps us very busy.
A few months ago, that young vibrant young lady that gave so much of herself, did not survive her Breast Cancer.
A life so full of love, so full of giving and plans and hope...gone.
So, when you see someone posting a pink Kaboodle style board, or walking a marathon for the cure , hopefully you will remember this story.
Breast Cancer just happens to anyone....even to healthy, young, positive people.
She would give me 2 thumbs up for this blog, as I know she wants me to spread the word.
Pink for the cure

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