Thursday, September 8, 2011

Steam Punk Fashion a Funeral and Motorcycles

Last Friday, I went to a funeral.
The poor guy was only 47, and not a relative . Instead he was the husband of a relative..oh, it's a long story.
Anyway, my Brother and I were going to go in support of this fellow because although we did not know him well, we figured it's important to be there for family. Well, my brother could not make it after all, but I went.
To give you an idea as to this situation, I asked my brother what the fellow's last name was so I could be sure I was at the right funeral.
These people are very country, so, I did not want to appear as Miss Hollywood, so, I wore a black lace top, black slacks, heels and my jewelry was a rhinestones necklace with a huge sterling cross.
As soon as I pulled up to the funeral home, I realized the fellow must have loved motorcycles because there was a fleet of them, and people in a sea of black, chains and tattoos.
Parked my car, went in, and only knew one person, which is the mother of the widow...the person I really came to see and give a huge hug to..which I did
So, what's this got to do with steam punk ?
As I sat watching the scene around me, I realized that bikers wore steam punk. My eyes opened in amazed surprise and delight.
The best friend of this fellow ( I finally remembered the deceased, thanks to his picture on the inside of his memorial folder ) wore a fab jacket that reminded me of the Nehru jackets of the Beatles era...he had a wonderful maroon beret on , tilt to the side , and this man was a wowow winner..and the main biker of the fleet...chains swinging from his side, instead of mean looking, he had style.
So did the rest of them.
I am still browsing the net enjoying all the steam punk info I can can create steam punk fashion from the things listed in their shops by just regrouping, and re photographing.
I will confess, at this age, motorcycles sound loud and look menacing, but when I was in that age group, they were totally cool.
Steam Punk is dramatic, creative, and a little mean streak to it too, that adds to the presence of the wearer.
Keeping up with change, another key to success when selling on line, or anywhere.
So, my day last Friday started with a funeral of a wonderful giving man, and ended as another view of who today's consumer is....and who wears steam punk fashion, which is a fast growing number of fabulous fashion conscious people...count me as a fan of steam punk.

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