Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fantasy Fairy Style Board by Linda Caricofe

In the blink of a eye, love can disappear. No matter how deep the love is felt, one can drift away. So if was for the little red imp, she was so happy so gay. She loved with all her heart, and then he went away. She sat down in the Fairy woods, hugged her knees and bowed her head. As the tears flowed, red roses fell, after all, she was a little red imp fairy you know. Little imps like this one, is not quite a Fairy, instead, she has dear pointed ears and no beautiful flowing hair or wings like the Fairies. But this little red imp knew love so strong, so deep, so real. And so she cried as the roses fell, till she felt a stillness in the air. She lifted her head, and upon her elbow a Cardinal landed. He was a beautiful red bird, red as the roses that fell. But it was his song that cast the spell. The little red imp was still and dazed...the tears stopped flowing as the bird sang. And when all was quiet, a smile appeared..a tiny smile that replaced the tears. After all, she is a little red imp, and love will come again, true love, love so real, so deep, yes, love will come againLess «
The Cardinal...
The Cardinal... by treasure_seeker

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