Friday, July 22, 2011

She had the vial in her hand and then she looked and saw herself

She had the...
She had the... by treasure_seeker

Humans have searched for the fountain of youth since time began.
The search begins especially for women, before the first facial line is seen, time becomes a map.
Isabella had seduced the holder of the map, and her travels were far...and yet, in that dark chamber of silence, she lift the box lid and a glow came from within....the vial of liquid, that promise of everlasting youth was in her hand...
and then she felt the shiver, and looked over her shoulder, and she saw her image, pure and white as snow, blossums sweet dripping from the shadows...
time stood still.
Her heart slowed it's beat, her eyes fixed in a wide eyed stare...her mind began to think, and as she stared at herself, her journey had it's end.
The vial was placed back into the box, and as she blew a kiss to herself a beautiful bird flew above, and caught her kiss, and the image of herself dissolved...
her journey home was easy, because she knew, it does not matter how one looks as time parades by, instead, time is pleasure, a true treasure to have, and any signs of aging, a badge of life's love.
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