Monday, July 4, 2011

Loose yourself in FaceBook Twitter beware

Twitter has always been one of my favorite apps. In the beginning, I enjoyed my twitter friends.

We would try to meet at certain times in the evening and have fun banter.

Then, more people joined my Twitter page and next thing you know, it became a networking page for my shops, and I can actually shop and do shop, off my Twitter page.

Realizing this was a fabulous tool for getting my on line shop found, I turned my attention to my FaceBook page.

Now, I can enjoy shopping right there on my FaceBook page, it's wonderful.

When I say shop, most of it is browsing, but I have made many purchases from the ones that have joined both my twitter page and Face Book pages.

It's not easy to keep up with all this, but I try.

Here's an important thing to consider when you get as deep into these pages as I have. Be selective. Don't just accept a follower because they asked...instead, look at what they post and how much. Some followers fill up your whole page, that's not good because your other followers and you too, will be left out.

Have a nice variety of followers...if someone asks to follow you that is not in the same business as you, but is interesting, you should let them follow you and you should follow or " like
" back.

I also love the way FaceBook lets me know when someone comments on my page, and with just a click I can comment back...Twitter does that too, as a mention app, but, somehow, FaceBook does it better...or, I can understand how to follow " the thread " on FaceBook better.

Seems like everything has changed..such as, instead of conversation, comments are threads...who thinks up this stuff LOL.

Now, FaceBook is evolving into a world, a galaxy itself.

Although I will always enjoy that button that allows me to post a link on Twitter with just a click , FaceBook is becoming my " water cooler " place to talk.

FaceBook and that " Like " button is truly awesome...naturally I would say that, because, I like a lot of things, always have

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