Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Can teach an old dog new tricks

I have been absent from my favorite on line haunts lately.

I usually visit the ning or social sites every day.

But, so many things have been changing on line, that I decided to try to learn some of these new things.

It all started with the new Face Book changes.

I am very protective of the RC Antiques name, so, I had several Face Books under that name such as RC Antiques on Ruby Lane. I created these face books several years back, and honestly forgot I had the extra accounts till I read about some FB accounts were going to be achieved if there is no activity on them.

Well, Ruby Lane is very important to me.

I think Ruby Lane is a site that has such wonderful ideas as to what shops that sell antique to vintage should be, so, naturally, I had to at least save that one FB account. I needed 25 members...or , " likes ".

I immediately posted my dilemma on my Linda Caricofe FaceBook and within a day, my RC Antiques on Ruby Lane FB was saved, thanks to my many on line friends.

Then, somehow, I happened upon a new type of networking and shopping. I found 2 sites that are really cool.

Polyvore is a beautiful site that is basically fashion. I am still learning the tools of that site. Notice the New York graphics below this blog. I created that using Polyvore's tools.

But the site that really captured my attention is Kaboodle.

It's a site that is for shoppers, and for people to showcase some of the items they sell.

I will caution sellers though, that Kaboodle is very sensitive to spam, so, you must be careful if you join that site just to promote your sure you read the rules before posting.

I joined it as a get away retreat. I do create style boards with some of my items on them, but, I create many style boards just for the fun of creating something beautiful or something fun.

The link to the style board below is one you will enjoy...although it looks like you have to cut and paste the link, you should be able to just click on it and you will see my mermaid style board, I promise your eyes will smile, and your mouth will say, wow

I will tell you this, once you learn how to create a style board, you will be is so much fun.

You can also blog on this site.
And it's all free, that's right, have fun for free and make wonderful friends too.

From me to you, this old dog is learning new tricks, so can you

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