Saturday, June 4, 2011

Me and Kaboodle and the Styleboard

Everyone needs a place to go to relax.

These days you do not even have to leave home to relax.

Although my work is on my computer, I also relax on the computer too.

I am a hopeless addict to games, the puzzle games such as BeDazzle or, I do not allow myself that indulgence because I simply will not leave those games alone LOL.

So, I have found another way to enjoy sharing what I find on the net.

It's a site called Kaboodle.

Now, first of all, before all sellers that follow me become excited over this site, I do need to warn you that Kaboodle is very very sensitive to spam.

So, if you decide to go there for the sole purpose of networking your shop, you must study the guidelines and not promote your shop on a grand scale...instead, do so, discreetly.

I enjoy Kaboodle as my get away from it all.

I save things I find on the net, and create what's referred to as a style board with those things.

Then, I post the link on FaceBook and Twitter.

I do add some of my things to a style board, but, my things are usually mixed with other things on one board.

If you enjoy creating things, and enjoy surfing the net, you will love Kaboodle.

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  1. This is such a cute post! i love it! hope u r doing well!
    Its really a great.