Saturday, June 25, 2011

The beauty of Nippon gold
I enjoy hand painted items.

Hand painted Nippon that has the raised gold beading is one of my favorite :-)

Time to let go of this item, so, I listed it in my Ruby Plaza shop.

Will you be the next one to enjoy it ?

If you are, you will wonder how I ever parted with it.

But, as time goes on, I will sell my favorite items that are in my home , because they are special to me, and selling them myself is as though I am only finding another admirer for my favorite things.
 That makes parting with them easier.
They will be offered ( most things in my shop are from my home, if not, then from estates )... in my on line shops, RC Antiques on Ruby Lane and RC Antiques Too on Ruby Plaza.

Sometimes beautiful things are passed from one admirer to another, that's one of the things that makes collecting so very wonderful.
Best wishes,


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