Friday, May 27, 2011

Videos on YouTube The Easy Way

I enjoy creating videos.
The videos that actually show me talking do take a lot of time to create.
Many of them never posted because they just were not my best.
Then, somehow, I discovered a neat tool , OneTrueMedia.
If you have family photos of your vacation and so forth, this tool is easy to use , free, and so much fun.
I use it to showcase items I sell in my shops.
I have a youtube channel..subscribe to it and enjoy my latest videos as soon as I post, I do not post new videos every day, but, when I do post one, you will enjoy it.
You will also notice on my video channel that I have formed RC Antiques Productions to list all of the videos under...not a big deal, just neat to finally have a name for them to be placed under.
Here's my latest OneTrueMedia video..rocking music that goes with the photos
If you take photos, you can create a video like this too.

Take photos at an auction you attended, then create a neat video of it using your photos.

Do you sell on line...if so, this is a fabulous way to showcase your items.

Please remember, my tips are tips.

I am not paid to recommend anything.

Instead, I figure if something I have shared with you has helped you enjoy new sites, new things etc, then, you will enjoy life as much as I do.

It's a treasure hunt...find new things, do new things...and most of all, enjoy it all.

Remember, today is the best day of all days, and tomorrow will be even better

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