Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Auction season hits and miss online and off

               This is the third part of the auction blog series.

Today's blog is about auctions found on line.

Not the kind of online auctions such as ebay, no, I am talking about on site auctions.

You can find on site auctions near you by going to Auction Zip.
Attending auctions is a wonderful way to spend a week end.
Most of the auctions listed on Auction Zip will have photos of some of the items that will be offered at the auction that day.
Some auction houses that list auctions on auction zip, also show photos of the lay out of the auction, if the auction will be held at the auction house.
Here is my favorite auction house in this area that offers this service on Auction Zip..
So if you need something to do this week end, I highly recommend an auction.
If you go to your local auctions regularly, you will find familiar faces and make some auction friends. Auction friends are people that enjoy going to auctions.
You will enjoy the auction excitment and learn a few things too,  just by watching the auction.
So, what are you doing this week end ? No plans ?
Consider your local auction.
Better than a yard sale, saves gas too.
Get your bidding number and enjoy the fun, it just might become your newest hobby, or should I say addiction :-)
Either way, I promise you will never be bored.

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