Saturday, April 23, 2011

John & Lesia got married wedding video

John , is a professional wrestler .
He manages the NWL Wrestling School in Hagerstown Md.
I create videos for the NWL to promote their wrestling events under RC Antiques Productions.
Not too long ago , John came to me and told me he was in love with a woman that lived in N. Carolina.
He asked if I could create a video for him to email his marriage proposal to his love.
There were no photos of them together to use because it was a long distance via email relationship. So, I had photos of John on file due to promoting videos for the wrestling events.
John photographed his hands to use in the video , because he was asking for her hand in marriage.
That is so romantic.
After the video was created , I emailed it to John, and he in turn, emailed it to her. 
She not only accepted, but drove up here to get married !
This was a fabulous romantic event.
No wedding , but, I told them to come over to the house, and I will take the photos and create a wedding album video for them.
When I saw them after they married , I was amazed to see, they really are the perfect match ! They look as though they always were together.
Watch the video below, and you will agree.
Sometimes, one waits many many years till the right person comes along, and when they do, it's instant recognition..the meeting of true love as though it really is fate.
Here's to John & Leisa , happily forever after.
And here is their marriage album video,

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