Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Vintage Designer signed jewelry better than the stock macket

So, if anyone has any money stashed away in the stock market , you might consider throwing that stock market report out the door.
These days , you never know how much money will buy anymore.
Gas prices are going to soar, so, what else is new...after all, Spring is here , so , higher gas prices this time of year is the norm.
Vintage costume jewelry prices have soared.
I can remember the day , when I would go to the Greencastle Pa antique mall and pass a particular booth that was so full of costume jewelry it made your eyes hurt.
That booth has been sold out for years. The seller's jewelry was not the high end costume jewelry , but , it was costume jewelry , sold cheap. And , after sitting idle for many years , it was sold out in no time when the costume jewelry boom started.
I do not see it slowing down either.
I do think , that some of the new designer signed jewelry will keep their prices , even after used, because some of it is very well made.
So, if you want to enjoy a little show, watch my latest video from The Vintage  Costume Jewelry Vintage Fashion Connection video series.
Even if you do not collect costume jewelry, you just might enjoy the video.

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