Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tips to market yourself without the shock image

I surf the Internet everyday.
My computer is my ship, I travel the huge Internet galaxy in search of treasures , fabulous shops, and new ideas.
I've been surfing since 1997 and have learned a lot without sitting in a school room waiting for the class to be over so I can escape to the real world.
In the old days, promoting was the term, in the computer age, it's marketing.
That means, to make it, you have to show the world the image you want to project.
Here's an example of excellent marketing.
Remember the  7 - 11 stores. They were the place to be, but, they never changed...along comes Sheetz, and whammo...the retro look, the drive through appeal, and well, I think there's a Sheetz on the East Coast just about everywhere.
Another Success story is Target. They have the very best commercials... it was not the merchandise that made you want to go, or the prices, it was those fabulous commercials.
While hunting the net for vintage costume jewelry, I happened upon Glamtown Vintage on Etsy.  I noticed she has a video channel. I subscribed because I really enjoyed the format.
The video you see below this blog is her latest video. I think it is fantastic. It's happy, fun, good ole USA American cars, and cheesecake sexy too...and I LOVE the photo that shows those tattoos are from a magic marker....whoever the person is that posed for this video is a natural....and if it is the shop owner herself , I say, make what you have work for you, and you do :-)
Marketing yourself is marketing your shop or, your it even just making videos , a shop to sell things, or a services business.
Find your image that fits what you do, and you will have a hit
I do not personally know Glamtown Vintage ...I do frequent her shop,
She gets my vote today as knowing how to put people on the road to her shop.

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