Thursday, March 31, 2011

Did that ad read easy to create web page design , not , and now YES

I am the average middle age forever young person with average knowledge of the computer.
I have been selling on line since 1997.
I made sure I had my domain name as soon as I learned what it meant. In those days , domains were a huge issue...and I think anyone that has a business on line should have one.
Anyway , finally this year , I decided to create my web page or site. It was time to branch out , add another notch to the RC Antiques machine.
Easier said than done.
Although I create videos , and have the know how to create unusual photos of the items I sell , creating a web page was an absolute horror.
Many headaches...many times calling myself dummy dummy, hopefully , some of you that read my blogs will understand my frustration.
Yes, I tried those user friendly web site designers and flunked the course on each one till I happened upon Weebly , thanks to The Vintage Village site recommending it to me.
This is not a paid ad.
Remember , anytime I recommend something , I do it , to share what I have found , in the hopes of helping you avoid the headaches of trying things over and over again :-)
I still have my shops on Ruby Lane and Ruby Plaza , but , I wanted that third branch , a trio.
And now, I proudly present to you, my web site.
I will add items a little at a time. I have items for sale there now.
But, believe it or not, this blog is not to get you to buy something ( well, if you do, I will truly appreciate it ) , no , instead , this blog is to assure you , that if I can do it, you can too.
Weebly is free too , with an optional up grade.
So, without further ado , here is the link,

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