Friday, March 18, 2011

Dedicated to Mickey Caricofe Daddy's Little Boy

My name is Mickey.
I was found late one night 16 years ago.
I was so hungry. I heard a friendly voice call to me, " here little kitty kitty." The voice was so friendly, I just knew she would not hurt me.
And I was right. I considered her my lucky charm..but, it was her husband I considered my angel.
I am Daddy's little boy. We became instant buddies. I loved his voice, the way he carried me. He knew how to give me my snacks. Daddy just had that special touch.
I've seen a lot of changes here in is house through the years.
She rescued a rascal and this house has never been the same. She named him Ozzie Cat , and yeah, he acts and looks crazy like ole Ozzie Osborn.
But , that's O.K. cause she needed a pal too. Although I loved her, she knew, I am Daddy's little boy.
Time does something to you. Life is good, but, as time goes on, going up steps becomes a chore rather than fun.
Daddy made small steps up to the sideboard in front of the picture window where I love to lay all day. Next thing you know, there's steps here and there in the house, just for me. It's great.
But, like I said, time does something to you. This past year, even the steps made for me, were not fun anymore.
I'm tired. Not tired of living, just tired. I tried to be strong, but, I heard a wonderful voice yesterday. It almost sounded like the voice I heard when I was found.
But, this voice was distant, and I saw a beautiful light ,  while hearing a voice in song. It's wonderful, because although my heart wants to panic because I can't quite stand up anymore, I feel safe.
So, it's been 16 years. And, I'm so sleepy.
Notice this is written in presence tense.
That's because even though Mom knows that I am drawing my last breath at the vet, with Dad holding me in his arms , I am still Mickey, Daddy's little boy...only now, I am cozy and peaceful in an another angel's arms.
And the voice with the song is a sweet lullaby.

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