Saturday, February 19, 2011

On line shop adds color for home decor and fashion is a hit with shoppers

Recently Ruby Plaza , the sister site to Ruby Lane , encouraged their shop owners to offer items that are vintage to new. Offer items that appeal to everyone , not just the collector.
I decided to revamp my shop.
It's not the usual shop , instead, the items offered are selected to appeal to people searching for colorful fashion for themselves or their home decor.
Also , costume jewelry in lots are being added every week.
My shop  on Ruby Plaza is a new adventure.
My shop on Ruby Lane offers items antique to vintage that appeal to the collector. I am fortunate that it is popular shop with a good following of repeat customers.
RC Antiques Too on Ruby Plaza will eventually meet that status , and perhaps even surpass it.
It's the kind of shop that's eye candy to the shopper that enjoys browsing.
And the kind of shop for those who enjoy the upbeat styles for themselves or their home's decor will enjoy the good buys and free USA shipping , and they will come back , time and time again.
My shop reports reads RC Antiques Too is a hit .
 Which proves that you really can learn new things.
Having a shop that is completely different than the shop on the sister site is a challenge and at the same time, fun.
So, stop in today and let RC Linda show you what's hot , what's hip , what's cool.
And you can be sure , RC Antiques Too is here to stay

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