Thursday, February 24, 2011

Antique Pickers antique doll room box a treasure

Through the years I have been very fortunate to know many antique dealers.
Before the show , Pickers , was created , and before the Internet , antique dealers were actually pickers for their customers.
This blog is dedicated to a wise antique dealer that knew I collected antique toys.
He was very knowledgeable of fine antiques , not the usual.
His booth was filled with the most amazing luxury antiques such as sterling, gold, porcelain , antique pocket watches , and Tiffany.
Mike loved to sell. He knew I shopped the mall where his booth was located.
So, being a wise antique dealer, he had a little section in his booth with fabulous antique toys.
One day , he walked into the mall around the same time I did .  His face lit up with a huge smile as soon as he saw me . He looked at me as though he was Santa Claus with a toy so great , it had to be mine.
He said, " come on back to my booth , what I have in this box , will be shown to you before anyone ".
Now, that makes one feel really special , and of course , Mike the wise salesman that he was , knew I loved feeling special.
It was the room box in the photos. The room box was empty and through the years, I added pieces to it , to enjoy like a kid with a favorite toy.
These are seldom seen these days...the original room boxes are a joy to own.
Someday I will need to part with this wonderful item, and when I do, it will be listed in my Ruby Lane shop , because it is too special to my heart to sell at a local auction.
Sometimes, items such as this room box is treasured at first for the wonderful item it is.
As time goes on, the memory of the person that sold it to you
is more precious that the item itself.
Long live the memories of the old time antique dealers and cheers to wonderful shows such as " Pickers " to keep the wonderful world of antiques and collectibles alive

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  1. That has to be the one and only Mike. Love and miss him big time
    RIP Mike