Friday, February 18, 2011

Think green with a backyard haven for birds and Squirrels it's fun

I live on the entrance of the city of Hagerstown Md.
The front of my house is formal with the large pillars and so forth.
So, it's a huge surprise when people drive by and see into the back yard, which is a backyard wildlife habitat.
It's registered with the National Wildlife Federation, which is important when you live in an area like I do.
By posting that metal NWF sign , people will understand you are not eccentric . They realize you are allowing the dandelions grow in the backyard to help feed the birds.
They realize all the birdhouses are the kind for birds to actually nest fact they are placed in areas to entice the birds to nest , and they do.
There are also Squirrel houses because most of the trees in my section of town are old and therefore cut down due to age, or, because the new occupants of the house do not want trees and birds.
It's been an adventure creating something like this in such a small space.
And now, people stop every Spring till Fall to see what I am putting up next.
It's my hobby.
The birds know my husband and I . The ones that migrate do come back every year and if not them, then, their off spring.
I have seen so many changes to the bird population here in the past 15 years.
The great Snowy Owl that once migrated to Pangborn Park down the hill from here ,  does not come back anymore because his entire habitat was paved over and houses built. I saw him before he left..It was a moonlit night , I looked up because I felt eyes upon me. He was beautiful , so truly beautiful with the pole light lit behind him. He looked down at me, I looked up at him...I knew it was the last I would see him, so as our eyes met , it truly was two friends saying goodbye...and I know that wise owl knew I would do my best to keep growing shrubs that birds etc could survive on and help the other animals that cannot find shelter anymore due to beautiful shrubs removed and replaced with pavement for parking.
The Crows' last refuge down the hill at Pangborn is gone now too. Their plight is not good , as they have flown to a professional offices section that has been developed over what was once a beautiful farmland...acres and acres of beautiful treed land with a lovely stream flowing by  , now gone.
So, yes, I have my sign up , and I am hoping those in my neighborhood will wake up and realize that bird that landed on their tree is very important.
If that sign , or my posts on the Internet causes at least one person in this world to open their eyes and actually see the birds for their beauty , then, maybe somewhere else in this world, that has a neighborhood like mine, will make a difference for these creatures too.
Join the 14 annual World Bird Count today.
And, if you do not have time , that's O.K.
Just open your eyes and see the beautiful animals and birds around you.
Brake for animals trying to cross the road. Most times , these days , they are crossing the road to escape land development...they are escaping trying to find a new home to live in.
They deserve life too.
We all share this planet together.
By helping the wildlife and going green by not using pesticides , we are saving the world.
Our home...their home....we only have one , keep it green , keep it wild
Your life will be better if you do, and that's a promise

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