Monday, January 17, 2011

Shock treatment reality check , your shipping area

I think it is important to designate an area for shop items. I have my items that are listed downstairs, in a very large area, that also is used as a laundry room, and storage for other items.
Last year a plumber was called to work on the drains to the washer. I explained to him that I sold items on the Internet, so, please excuse the mess.
That was my exact words, " the mess ".
After he left, I stood back and examined the area.
I pack everything I ship as if it were a gift. I have done this since 1997.
The first item I received from an Internet seller was wrapped like a gift. I felt so special, that I continued the tradition.
 So, there were reams of colorful paper strewn about, along with ribbons everywhere..and tape and boxes.
If there was an Inspector of shipping areas, I would have failed miserably.
So, I took a few days off from listing items and worked on this area.
I created what I now call my shipping department. It is organized and contained in one designated area, instead of here and there.
 I felt as though I had created an entirely new business, and in a way, I did.
My shipping department is an extension of my Ruby Lane , Ruby Plaza shops.
Every other month, I reorganize it again to keep it in " inspector " shape.
 So, is your shipping area organized ?
Think about it, is it inspector ready ? It is a wonderful way to extend your online shop as a truly professional shop.
Believe me, you will be proud once you create your shipping department, I know I am.

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