Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Antique vintage shop Ruby Lane Blog Talk Radio know who you buy from

Ruby Lane , http://www.rubylane.com/ , the on line site that has antique to vintage shops , 
continues broadcasting fascinating interviews with their shop owners.
Listen to one of these interviews and you will enjoy knowing who the shop owner is. What knowledge do they have of the items they are offering and learn the dedication Ruby Lane shop owners have for their on line , Ruby Lane and Ruby Plaza shops.
The interviewer , Karen Frishman , asks the right questions. The questions , you , as a shopper , would enjoy knowing about the shop owner. Here is the link to the Radio Blog interview,
The shop owner , Linda Grossman , knows vintage Bakelite. This is a must hear interview for anyone interested in Bakelite. She offers important tips about buying Bakelite too.
Her shop , Evelynne's Oldies But Goodies,
has many items , not just Bakelite.
She is a very interesting , friendly , positive thinking , shop owner.
Ruby Lane Blog Talk Radio connects you with the shop owner as though you are walking into a brick and mortar shop.
The on line shop owner , has the shop you can shop without having to drive to , and on line shops are open 24 / 7 .
Today's world really does keep getting better , no matter what

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