Friday, March 26, 2010

The Tradition of Collecting Easter Items

I was very lucky to have been born to a woman who loved holidays to the max. My Mother was a farm wife. Work on a farm in those days was manual labor, a hard but rewarding life.

Every holiday was looked forward to as a big event. She was, a kid at heart, which is a trait of hers that I have thankfully inherited.

We lived in the mountains, below a church. Going to church every Sunday was a very short walk , so, one did not miss church.

But to be honest, my fondest memory of Easter is the way my Mother prepared for it. Yes, we had the huge meal...but, the tradition started with saving the egg shells. Instead of breaking the eggs we had for breakfast every morning, we would make a hole on one end, empty out the contents, then save the egg's shell...laying it on a rack in the summer kitchen to dry out. The week before Easter we would find a nice branch from a tree outside. Put it in a bucket of dirt ( we did not call it soil, we called it plain and simple, dirt ), bring it into the house. Dye the egg shells, string them, and hang them on the egg tree ( the branch found outside ). My Mother also made home made chocolate covered candy eggs. Big ones , trimmed in yummy colorful icing trim that were shaped like spring flowers...each had our name on icing. This would be placed in a huge Easter basket ( the same basket for each of us, used every year )...the Easter basket also had a few penny toys from the 5 & 10. So, naturally, when I grew up, collecting vintage Easter was a must. I have shown a few Easter items from my collection for you to enjoy. Rather you celebrate Easter or not, the items are sure to bring a smile to your face. The images of vintage Easter are truly happy images. After all, Easter heralds Spring...when the flowers come back to life in full bloom and the gray trees with no leaves create the miracle of leaves vivid with color once again. To those of you who celebrate Easter, Happy Easter to you from those of you that celebrate something else at this time of year, my greetings of Happy Spring to you too. The world is huge, we are small, let's all share this planet with the hope it will always renew every year with the lush vivid colors of Spring and the promise that miracles do happen.