Monday, February 15, 2010

Collecting Patriotic Colors for Your Home

I have always enjoyed looking at our American flag. My childhood home is above Fort Ritchie , which was once a camp for our servicemen. My husband is a retired Air Force Recruiter. Naturally, anything patriotic attracts us like a magnet. So, if you enjoy Patriotic items , but really do not know what to do with them, here are some suggestions. I have an old home with a foyer. The foyer is filled with items of Hagerstown ( where we live ), with Patriotic items mixed in. I installed a shelf above the archway to the next room. I placed an American flag on the shelf draping it over 2 old bicycle flag holders to create a swag. I added antique tins, a flag book, and I framed a sign using a piece of a flag for the back round. ( special mention, one should not cut a good flag ). If you live in home that has a stairway at the entrance, lucky you. Place patriotic theme prints along the wall going up the steps. The dowels to the banister is perfect to drape a flag, or to suspend interesting red white and blue items. I have an old showcase filled with old soldiers and other patriotic things. You do not need a show case to create the same affect. Instead of that set of china in your dining cabinet, fill that cabinet with the good ole red white and blue, put your dinnerware in the bottom closed door of the cabinet instead. Color welcomes the visitor, patriotic colors creates a tug at the heart..a proud tug. Put a blue and white gingham table cloth on your dining room table , a basket of flowers in the center and there you have it...a Patriotic collection to enjoy, and add color to your home at the same time. Remember, recycling is actually buying vintage and incorporating it into your home's decor. Buying collectibles is not just for the collector anymore, it is to enjoy using in your home. From me to you, let's wave that good ole Red White & Blue