Monday, December 27, 2010

A vintage gift that is display ready for your home decor wins the heart always

Gift wrap , ribbons , even greeting cards need not fill your local landfill. As a matter of fact, you should save all of this for other projects.

The little gift shown in the photo consists of vintage items that was put together to present as a display ready gift.

A glass bowl holds the items
A vintage doily lines the bowl
A vintage pin cushion is perfect for the antique doll
The antique baby cup holds the doll straight with the help of
tissue tucked inside the cup
The Lilac ribbon holds everything in place

This wonderful gift is ready to give , and it was.
The receiver of the gift will put it in her cabinet just as you see it.

The only major cost was the little antique doll , which can be brought on the net these days for less than $ 50

The saying , never throw anything away , can be good advice.

The other items that created this beautiful gift were items that can be found in your own cabinets , or on the net or antique shops.

Have fun creating wonderful one of a kind gifts for your loved ones or friends for a next to nothing cost.

The gift that is created by you , is a gift from the heart and cannot be brought in stores

From me to you , enjoy everyday like it's a holiday , because it is.

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