Friday, December 31, 2010

I Antique On Line powerful collectibles vintage ning needs you to be 6,000th member

Theres power in numbers.
That's right, we all know that.
Do you enjoy collecting ? This is the place to go to find antiques and collectibles, learn about antiques and collectibles , and talk about antiques and collectibles.
Be where the action is.
This is the Grandaddy of the ning groups.

You can sit at your computer all day into the night and find things you never thought you would find on this site.
And if you sell, you need this ning.
Iantiqueonline is trying to reach the 6,000 members mark before the strike of mindnight. That's right, they want to bring the New Year in with that amazing number, 6,000.
Will you help ? After all , it's FREE
And, if you are already a member, come on, let's do this.
All members of iantiqueonline salute your site and get the 6,000th member signed up.
It can happen , but only if you help.
Let's do this and do it today, not next year :-)
Show iantiqueonline how much you LOVE this site



  2. WOWOWOW , only 92 members are needed to make it to 6,000 members !!!