Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas The secret of the Christmas Tree

The air is brisk , you can see your breath.
The evergreen trees are dressed in white.
Look at those evergreen trees , look deep and within.
A spot of Red will appear, right before your eyes, it's the beautiful Red Cardinal bird who enjoys the game of let's hide.
But what you will not see is hidden deep within that beautiful evergreen tree.
A little gray bundle, whose tail is over his body like a blanket. He's snuggled in the crook of the branch by the trunk of the tree.
It's a Squirrel, that character we all know.
Squirrels are very smart you see , and that's why their play can cause you misery.
They enjoy digging in your flower pots , and such glee to get into the bird feeder, oh my, that's the tree Squirrels' antics that's such fun if you just look and see.
This Christmas , while you are preparing your feast for your family and friends , if there's an evergreen tree somewhere near,
please put some raw peanuts under that tree.
Or , walnuts, oh my, now that would be a real treat, indeed.
Even a few kernels of corn would be nice to tuck hidden under that tree.
Christmas is a time for giving. Giving from the heart.
And if you see that evergreen tree , let your heart give to the creatures that might live there, hidden in that tree.
We are on this little planet together , and most times it's the dear creatures outside that are not thought of.
Punky Squirrel wishes all a Merry Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate. Punky Squirrel also wishes good will and peace to ALL on earth, and to ALL on earth good cheer.

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