Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ning vintage ning antique ning RC Antiques has posted another road sign to Ning

Antique to vintage , buyer or seller , surfing the net can reveal fabulous sites.
 Many people have not discovered Ning sites.
Ning sites are a fabulous way to find shops that offer antique to vintage, and they are wonderful sites to enjoy visiting . Buyers and sellers leave thoughts or blogs on ning sites. They are groups you can join to learn more about the  things you are collecting or are considering of collecting or buying. Need information about grandma's teapot ? Join a Ning site and find out free from the sellers there. Everyone on ning sites relate to each other. And it's FREE . This ning site is well established and I highly recommend it. Don't miss the ning sites...once you do find them, you will agree, doing the Ning is a fabulous way to enjoy shopping and talking.
Here's the link,
From me to you, directing you to the Vintage Village a place you will truly enjoy

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  1. Interesting... I was searching this info for my uncle. He will be happy for such a great info. Thanks for sharing...