Friday, September 10, 2010

Money make it enjoy it pave the yellow brick road to your shop

So, you opened your on line shop and you wonder , when are the orders going to come in ?
That's exactly what most people do.
 Having an on line shop is a totally different concept than having an auction on ebay.
You have a shop, you are in charge of your success.
So, are you still sitting there , wondering, why your items are not selling ?
Location , location , location , is the rule of thumb for brick and mortar shops...
Networking is the key to on line shops. Thanks to Ning networks , networking is fun , and it's free !
Ruby Lane as taken an extra step that is very important. It is the first on line site to offer a talking video , offering suggestions to sellers on how to improve their shop.
Instead of a professional actor, they asked me, if I thought I could create a series of videos.
Now, first , let me say, I never held a video camera, and had no idea of how one would get a video into a computer.
I do enjoy writing , so, I did have that going for me. And, I have been in sales most of my adult life. And, I love to talk shop , always did.
So, I write the script , produce it , edit it , and submit it to a wonderful Ruby Lane person who I consider my partner because she is able to tell me if something does not sound correct and so forth. And , she is the one that decides when the videos are released.
Shop Talk is a new concept. It is for all sellers everywhere , not just for Ruby Lane.
And , it's from a regular person, a regular seller , talking shop to you.
I am not a professional , instead , I am just like you.
I enjoy selling , and collecting , always have. So, a few days ago , the introduction video was released...and then , a few hours later , the first shop talk video was released.
It's an important video, because so many people , buyers and sellers , do not know about Ning groups. Enjoy the video, and you will learn how to do the ning. You will love it , it's people just like you...From me to you , here's the video

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