Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Whole USA in a Box Antique Post Cards Of Course

I can remember the first box of antique post cards I ever owned. At that time, I was not an antique dealer, instead, I was dating my husband who was an antique dealer. He brought them at a house not far from my house, and after the house call, brought them inside for safe keeping while we went out to dinner. Well, when I saw the shoe box crabbed full of what looked to me to be old papers, I had to ask. It was then that I learned about antique post cards. It was another eye opening event. Needless to say, we ordered dinner to be delievered since the box of cards were on my lap and I was going no where. Thankfully, he had a long day that the shop, and was content to relax watching T.V. while I took a trip back through time. Those postcards were a true time capsule. They were not a dealer's box of cards. Instead they were saved through the years as they were sent. Starting in 1910 up to around 1940. It was mazing they were not thrown away. So, the next day I went back to the library to get a book on post cards. When I start something, I am the type person to go over the top and beyond. I am not content to just know, instead I need to understand the why, how, when etc. After we married, I started helping at the antique mall where my husband was part owner with 3 other partners. I started buying postcards at auctions, and the cards I did not want to keep, were put in sleeves and sold in our booth

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