Monday, March 4, 2013

The DC Big Flea Best of Show , Hat Pin Lady

The lines to attend this show was huge, so, I do believe the DC Big Flea event can prove that the market for antiques to vintage is still as strong as ever.

I did happen upon a negative costume jewelry dealer whose name should be revealed, however, instead of revealing her name, let me remind sellers to welcome people that have stood outside for an hour in the freezing cold weather..and to also welcome dealers that are looking to buy.

My assistant and I proclaim the Hat Pin lady as best in show.

Anyone that attended the show will remember her booth because it was amazing to see thousands of antique to true vintage hat pins in hat pin holders arranged on a table on steps.

She collected hat pins since 1997, a collector, that decided to down size her collection by selling them at this event.

The most brisk trading at the Big Flea in our opinion was the costume jewelry.

The booths in this show were absolutely fabulous !

We do want to offer the suggestion of resting places for people to take a break, to rest their feet.

But, overall, this event was a winning big buys event that we thoroughly enjoyed.