Thursday, March 24, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor Diamonds always brings luck you are forever the diamond

Elizabeth Taylor , has left life behind.
I heard someone mention Joan Rivers saying something like this,
                                   * rich
                                   * beautiful
                                   * long life
                                   * surrounded by family in the end
                              Where do I sign up ?
Words well put.
And yet , although I know the beautiful rich Elizabeth Taylor had a long life, one never expects to hear, her life is no more.
So, instead of many photos on this blog , and instead of listing all of the wonderful movies and charities , I will say what I will miss about her.
You never knew what she man she would love next. It was exciting. And , she was a dare devil  in the love department that had us all gasping , oh my ! So much fun to gasp at Elizabeth's rumps in the love department, her life a fascinating soap opera.
Her jewels , my eyes will miss her jewels. She wore them well.
And, the commercial for White Diamonds perfume will forever be etched in my mind. There she was , a lovely soft focus vision, tossing the diamond earrings to the table, with the statement, " here, these always brought me luck "...the voice sultry , and those eyes , even in the soft focus lens , the eyes of the true Hollywood Movie Star Queen.
And so I say , long live the Queen, she will forever be our jewel
Yes, Elizabeth , diamonds are forever, therefore , so will you be