Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Shopping has wonderful Traditions

Holidays make life fun.
I do most of my holiday shopping on line.
I will confess, the Black Friday midnight sales were very tempting here in Hagerstown Md, especially since Prime Outlets has a Kate Spade store.
Today is Dec 3rd.
Ruby Lane shop owners are having a Red Tag Sale.
This tradition began last year.
It was so successful, that it will now be a Ruby Lane holiday tradition, several times a year.
Ruby Lane shop owners have a Red Tag list.
1 to 59 items that is listed in their shops, is reduced 30 to 60 %...the shop owner decides how much they want to reduce each item, and which item they want to include in their sale.
I think it's a fabulous idea.
Unique, because each shop owner can tweet, FaceBook etc the link to their own Red Tag sale, or, they can do the link for the entire site.
It's fun, and it's saving money, time, gas, and well, no long lines at the check out counter either.
The Ruby Lane Red Tag sale.
Here's the link to my shop's red tag items,
but, be sure to check out the other shop owner's items too..I have, and I am ready to shop shop shop.,id=0,types=redtag.html

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