Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What I Wore to the Antique Auction Fashion meets Vintage

Labor Day is an important holiday for people who enjoy going to auctions.
I decided to get out of the house this Labor Day and enjoy visiting friends at an antique auction.
What does someone such as myself who loves fashion and bling wear to an auction ?
Comfortable clothes.
The Sketcher shoes shown are old and worn down , I just love them...brought from Zappos eons ago.
The brown top is from Chicos, brought at a local consignment shop, it has cap sleeves, a style I wear instead of tank tops.
The jeans are the usual, my brand for my jeans and slacks is Boston Proper Paris Fit.
The tote and the shoulder strap purse, wow, I have owned them and used them for years, both brought at a local consignment shop a long time ago.
The purse is circa 1970's.
Notice, no diamonds or rhinestones, or even a bracelet, and yet, my jewelry really shows well, is comfortable.
I do not wear diamonds or rhinestones to auctions because of possible damage to the jewelry.
All of the jewelry is vintage..3 necklaces grouped together..heavy but smooth as silk and a joy to wear.
So, even when going to an auction, one can have fashion chic looks without breaking the bank.
The vintage blend, the only thing new item I wore that day was Boston Proper Paris Fit jeans


  1. It's a good look on you, Linda!



  2. You always look like you stepped out of a "band box" as my grandmother used to say...you are adorable and I love reading what you care to share...