Friday, September 16, 2011

The latest vintage is the new hot trend

Trends come and go in both fashion and life styles.
From what I have seen on the web and in the magazines, antique items are still wonderful treasures to have and cherish, but, vintage is in, because you can use it and wear it.
Recycling is smart.
It saves you money and also prevents over loaded land fills.
So, I reccomend you visit Ruby Plaza....the shop owner son that site, offer new to's fabulous place to browse and shop, especially the prices..some are hard to beleive low prices.
This is not an see my styleboards on this blog page are most times Ruby Lane and Ruby Plaza ...not only do I have a shop on each site, but, I browse both sites everyday.
You never know what you will see there.
Here's some links...go on, take a break and enjoy yourself
Best wishes,

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