Friday, September 9, 2011

9 / 11 Tribute I Stand Tall

9 / 11 Not...
9 / 11  by treasure_seeker
I will not be one of those to listen to the live recordings of that day 10 years ago. I believe in walking forward, and know in my heart that those that have died would want us to do so. I will always remember that day, the moment this event took place. But my heart will remember with love for I know they will be forever alive. As the now famous words, " Let's roll " echos in my mind, I wince with the pain, but, I am an American and therefore I stand strong, proud and determined the enemy has not gained, has not beat me down, has not struck fear in my heart. No, those that are gone are our silent brave ones that we hold in our hearts and enable us to stand united stronger than ever with pride. Lest a tear flow , it is a tear to know that day, 9 / 11 showed us to be aware, and have the stance to show all enemies, beware. Don't dare tread my land, don't dare Less «

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