Sunday, August 28, 2011

Grand Opening of Treasure Seekers Unite Sept 3 & 4

I enjoy as many of the Ning and Social sites on line as possible, the more the merrier.
The owner of this one is a wonderful girl named Angie...she is very special because she strives to have a site that has what members like .
She has changed her site several times, to make it better for the members.
She is having a grand opening event on Sept 3rd and 4th.
This site is for shoppers and sellers to enjoy.
It's also a site to talk, they enjoy talking a lot on this site and you will never be bored.
One member is Father Time, that fellow appears to always say good morning , what a fab way to start the day, a good morning from someone who enjoys the name, Father Time.
I think the group Father Time is on in the mornings  is called Coffee's one of the many groups you can join on this site free.
Want to know more about selling, or what to know where the shop owners love to talk shop?
Then  join Treasure Seekers Unite.
This is not a paid ad. I have enjoyed Treasure Seekers Unite a long time, and so, I am passing the word to you, because I recommend it.
I have included a link to the site, and a link to my video that tells about ning and social sites and more...I talk to you in the video, no music, just me talking to you..set up like the SNL News Updates format.
So, come on, spread the word, and join Treasure Seekers Unite...a place where you can visit anytime , any day, the site is always open...and it's free to enjoy and see.
Here's the video
And here's the link to the site,
Thanks for reading my blog, be sure to add me as your friend on both my FaceBook and on the TSU site :-)
Best wishes, Linda

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