Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Latest news up date, a new RC Antiques video show

I am a fan of the TV show, Saturday Night Live .
One of my favorite skits has always been, Week End Update.
So, I created a video series called, " RC Antiques Vintage News Up Dates "
Instead of a script, I just have notes in front of me, to help me keep my topics in line...and I tell you my latest finds.
This is the first video, it was released yesterday. It's about Ning and Social sites.
Hope you like it, and I hope maybe you will join some of these sites, they are free and a wonderful way to enjoy the net.
Here's the link to the video
Hope you enjoy it
Will do the next one next week , I am hoping to create a weekly News Update if there is enough interest in the show.
Best wishes, Linda

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