Saturday, June 11, 2011

The face behind the networking RC Antiques revealed

I have been on the Internet since 1997.

In those days, I listed items on ebay that were from our collections and the estates we would buy.

I was simply, rcantiques. It was only natural to have my email under that name and so forth.

Eventually , I also used RC Linda when signing some emails etc.

I am not college educated, just the average Joe..or, should I just refer to myself as the average person since I am a lady, not a Joe.

I've come a long ways.

Not due to survival in these hard economic times, but, due to

my unquenchable thirst to surf the net.

And therefore , as the years went by, and as I became more comfortable with the net, I began to use my face as my trademark.

It was a bold move.

But, I wanted be become human, instead of a name or market or commercial.

This move has worked well for my on line shops, RC Antiques on Ruby Lane and RC Antiques Too on Ruby Plaza, because it's nice to see who one is buying from.

I also think it has helped my blog and my videos.

My most hit videos are the ones that have myself as host, instead of the ones I enjoy creating with OneTrueMedia.

Now, let's look at today's world on the net, compared to let's say, 2 years ago.

My hard work has actually created a barrier when I want to just enjoy myself on the net.

When I join a site, due to my name, RC Antiques, or Linda Caricofe, some sites either wonder why I joined, or , some think perhaps I am lurking, trying to learn things from the site...and if I am not extremely careful, and I should underline the word careful, my name can sound like spam.

Sites that are not vintage or antiques related, are fabulous if one such as myself can fit in...even FaceBook has become sensitive to net workers or business names.

Remember the old saying, " darned if I do, darned if I don't ", yep, that seems to be my predicament.

I have come up with the idea of creating different avatars using my image, to fit whatever site I want to join.

So, when you are surfing the net, and see various different images of ole RC, believe me, it's not for vanity's's ole RC trying to remind the public, this RC is just the average person, not a company.

The Internet, fascinating how something so advanced, can actually be so difficult to get around.

So, time to get downstairs and stand in front of that mean camera and take some more photos. The older one gets, the meaner the camera is , and at this point, I am about ready to name one of my mannequins, RC :-)

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  1. Great job again Linda. Your blog has come a long way from when you started too. Looking good, and nice to see honest posts about just everyday things too:) Take care, and have a wonderful weekend!:)