Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Youtube video madness networking secret have fun while marketing

Youtube is a tool that is fast approaching the status of more than just a crazy antics funny video site.
Many people are posting videos that gives visual instructions on how to do things or fix things. 
Some are regular people and some are people representing a company such as home improvement companies.
It's much easier watching how to fix something, then read the instructions manual. My mind strays when I read instructions manuals .
But watching the instructions on a video , easy to learn and not boring , it's terrific.
I have realized I can create videos that show the items I have in my shop and/or collections.
And I can tell people about the items , a show and tell approach.
I love that concept.
I will admit , when creating my videos , I feel like a kid again playing anchor woman on the news shows.
Although creating the type videos I create take time and thought , from the writing of the script , to the back round layout and then the slide show photos, and then add music , it is time not only well spent , but enjoyed.
 I now have a video channel that displays all my videos , and I am asking people to please subscribe.
After all, if I think my videos are good, I think you will enjoy them, not be bored.
As time goes on, I will improve on my video work and editing.
Which , by the way , I use Cyberlink's Power Director 9 , it is an excellent video editor. I am offering that as a tip , I am not being paid to mention them.
I plan on making more videos for home decor, fashions, jewelry , and , well, you never know what I might come up with next.
So , join the video craze and subscribe to my video channel.
In fact, start learning how to create videos yourself too.
The mind is a creative machine , flip the switch and be amazed at what you can do.
After all, if I can do it, you can too

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