Monday, February 14, 2011

Outsider Art of Parker Lanier

Once in a while when I happen upon something unusual , I can't just walk away from it.
Such is the case of this piece that was created by a fellow named Parker Lanier. I happened to be on the I Antique On Line ning looking for the Valentines placed everywhere for one to find and win the Valentine contest. Well, I did not find the Valentines, but , I did find someone who has a connection from his brain thoughts to his hand that is able to express his world in art.
To add to this talent, he was able to create a video that has music that matches it perfect.
You may think to yourself, oh, I bet it's classical music since it's art...not
In fact , the whole deal is rocking great.
Here's the link to to video....I hope you enjoy it so much, you will want to share it by tweeting it , facebook and whatever...this is not the usual video, it's an art form that I hope gets so many hits that Parker Lanier will know we all think his art is great

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