Tuesday, December 14, 2010

No Santa Claus , no Easter Bunny

Merry Christmas in the 1950's was a true slice of American apple pie. Children believed in Santa Claus till almost a teen.
The fantasy of the North Pole and that wonderful man in the red suit made December the longest month of the year. The first day of December was a countdown to Christmas Day.
The music really was in the air , people singing , bells ringing.
Church for children was always a dull Sunday affair, however, come December, even church became a fabulous place for children to be.
Mom would have Dad find the fattest tree...so wide it would fill the corner of the room. So tall, the angel tree topper would be bent forward due to her halo touching the ceiling .
A miniature village would be errected under the tree, complete with the Lionel train set going around the village under that fat Christmas tree.
The excitment of the coming Christmas morning is an emotion I can still feel in my heart to this day.
Then the years went by, the 1950's era gone...into the 1960's and on and on.
By that time of course , the legend of Santa Claus was revealed to be a story, same as the Easter Bunny...oh, and the tooth fairy too...all gone, never were, and yet, my heart still holds that joy.
So, every December , it never fails , my heart does a happy dance as my mind plays those scenes of my childhood from the 50's era.
And I still hear Santa's voice , oh yes I do, as he rides his sleigh high in the air,
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.
And then my heart smiles and my soul fills with the sweet memories

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