Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Tradition feed the animals first

I live in Hagerstown , Md.
in an old neighborhood that was once beautiful woods.
There's a wonderful old park down the hill from my house.
The beautiful woods that was once a habitat to many creatures has disappeared due to creating a housing developement. Gone are the turtles and frogs that once hid from view. Gone is the Snowy Owl that was a long time visitor before flying back North.
But, the Ducks still inhabit the small pond and stream.
Years ago, a few white farm ducks were dropped off there and they have made a wonderful home at that small pond. They are a favorite to many people that live here.
Every year on Thanksgiving morning, as soon as the sun peeks over the hill, I start my Thanksgiving tradition by going to the pond to feed the ducks.
Shelled corn , a gallon bucket of shelled corn is enjoyed by the farm Ducks and whatever Mallard or wild ducks are still there. I also tuck some raw peanuts in the shell here and there in the bushes for whatever Squirrels may have survived the Spring and Summer.
Most times , I'm very sad to say , the Squirrels are run over by cars going too fast on the road that curves around the park.
It's a wonderful start to my holiday season that I hold most dear.
This morning welcomed me with a downpour of rain, icy rain.
I was undecided about venturing out , but preservance over ruled.
My holiday tradition must begin with feeding those ducks.
Sure enough , as soon as I arrived to the park , I got out of my car, and called, " Quackers, come on Quackers "( my pet name for these Ducks ).
The farm Ducks ran to me as though I was Santa Claus with gifts. The wild Ducks looked on as though to think, who is this strange creature with the bucket ?
And then, as soon as I started pouring the corn to the ground, even they came running to me.
It was then I noticed the rain had stopped.
A wonderful sensation of peace flooded my soul , and the smile in my heart reached my lips as I looked to the sky above , and I thanked my God for the blessings , the many blessing of my life.
And so, my holiday tradition has begun.
Happy holidays to all, to each and everyone that lives upon this Earth that we all share.
From me to you , may the your holiday tradition touch your heart and soul as deeply as mine touches mine.
Best wishes , Linda


  1. Outstanding and striaght from the heart

  2. That's really great that you do that, Linda! And nice to know there are so many animal lovers in Hagerstown!

    EVERY day of my life I get up and take care of the birds, squirrels, a dozen cats and even the mice I catch and put out by the old tree ... before I even sit down to drink some juice or eat some food. I have a Bluejay bird that will actually take a peanut from my fingers. (and I am a big ugly 250 lb pro rassler!)

    Keep up the outstanding work helping God's critters! Not enough people care enough about all of them.

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Your friend John

  3. John, you are a true friend to the animals..come Spring, I will be down to see where I can plant some stuff to help shelter those dear animals. Also, need to try to protect that wonderful old tree this Spring, that's a promise. Best wishes, Linda